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How Do Developers Blog? An Exploratory Study
Dennis Pagano, Walid Maalej
Proceedings of the 8th Conference on Mining Software Repositories, ACM, 2011
We report on an exploratory study, which aims at understanding how software developers use social media compared to conventional development infrastructures. We analyzed the blogging and the committing behavior of 1,100 developers in four large open source communities. 

A Control Theory Based Approach for Self-Healing of Un-handled Runtime Exceptions

Benoit Gaudin, Emil Vassev, Michael Hinchey and Patrick Nixon

ICAC, the 8th International Conference on Autonomic Computing

This work presents an approach to self-healing that Deals with un-handled exceptions within an executing program.
More precisely, we propose an approach based on control
theory that automatically disables system functionalities that have led to runtime exceptions.

Requirements Evolution: from Assumptions to Reality
Raian Ali, Fabiano Dalpiaz, Paolo Giorgini, and Vitor E. Silva Souza

The 16th International Conference on Exploring Modeling Methods in Systems Analysis and Design (EMMSAD 11. June 20-21, London, United Kingdom).

Requirements evolution is a main driver for systems evolution. Traditionally, requirements evolution is associated to changes in the users' needs and environments. In this paper, we explore another cause for requirements evolution:   assumptions.

Software Maintenance through Supervisory Control
Benoit Gaudin and Alessandra Bagnato


This work considers the case of system maintenance where systems are already deployed and for which some faults
or security issues were not detected during the testing phase. We propose an approach based on control theory that allows for fast and reliable maintenance fixes.

Testing and Remote Maintenance of Real Future Internet Scenarios  
Towards FITTEST and FastFix Advanced Software Engineering

Alessandra Bagnato, Anna I Esparcia-Alcázar,
Tanja E.J. Vos, Beatriz Marín, José Oliver Murillo,
Salvador I. Folgado,
Auxiliadora Carlos Alberola
Proceedings of 3rd Workshop on Software Services: Semantic-based Software Services (WoSS'11).
ISBN 978-83-60810-39-2
IEEE Catalog Number CFP1185N-ART 
This paper presents the preliminary results of the “FITTEST & FastFIX joint workshop - Conference Testing and Remote Maintenance of the Future Internet” workshop.  Researchers present the advanced software engineering methods proposed by FastFix  and FITTEST  European projects. After that, discussions about their potential use in three application scenarios at Infoport Valencia, BULL Spain, and INDRA were performed

Self-Healing Approach in the FastFix Project
Benoit Gaudin, Mike Hinchey
Proceedings of 3rd Workshop on Software Services: Semantic-based Software Services (WoSS'11).
ISBN 978-83-60810-39-2
IEEE Catalog Number CFP1185N-ART 
 The EU FP7 FastFix project tackles issues related to remote software maintenance. In order to achieve this, the project considers approaches relying on context elicitation, event correlation, fault-replication and self-healing. Self-healing helps systems return to a normal state after the occurrence of a fault or vulnerability exploit has been detected.


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